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The Huffington Post


The Huffington Post

Experimental apps and prototypes for HuffPost Labs

Product Strategy Rapid Prototyping UI/UX Design Frontend Development

In 2012, I worked with The Huffington Post in an experimental R&D lab. Our 3 person team utilized HuffPost’s data and technologies to build experimental prototypes, and unique digital experiences.


Huffpost Highlights

View the best highlights from The Huffington Post

One of the first projects we worked on in the Labs group was to visualize the most highlighted text from Huffington Post articles. We tapped into HuffPost’s article data, and built a tool to track and score any text that was highlighted by readers of the website. Our hypothesis was that highlighted snippets of articles were more interesting, or shared more.

We then built a simple front-end tool to see the top highlights, and the end result was a unique way to discover and share interesting articles.


Huffpost Pics

A gallery of galleries

Photo editors at HuffPost were always looking for ways to resurface evergreen content to readers. The Huffington Post was known for its many galleries, slideshows, and listicles across many verticals. The problem — no centralized experience to view all of these galleries.

The Labs team wanted to create a simple web experience to view all HuffPost galleries in one space. We were able to access the entire database of HuffPost galleries, and with that, we designed and built the HuffPost Pics prototype.



Interactive video streaming tool

The Labs team wanted to do create something special for the 2012 election season. We ended up building a web experience to view livestreams of the presidential debates – the twist was watching in real-time with other viewers, while throwing virtual tomatoes at the screen.

We even hosted a viewing party in Brooklyn for the debates where guests were able to launch tomatoes at candidates when they disagreed with them.